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we work with you step by step, starting with industrial and financial planning through to turnkey solutions for your new mining factory.

What do we do

With experience building and operating crypto mining data centers, farschain has a strong understanding of the entire process. To build you a lucrative crypto mining facility, we will help you select and faciliate an appropriate site, build out, purchase and set up top-of-the-line mining equipment, ensure proper cooling, electricity and security measures in place.


Housing & Electricity contract

Prepare housing

Security improvements

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By democratizing access to mining by reducing the barrier to entry, we hope to promote this culture of decentralization.



Our team on site will work to ensure your miners are running at full capacity and never miss a day...
If they go down, we’ll handle the communication with the manufacturer to ensure that we can expedite the repair process to get you running again as soon as possible.
We take good care of your machines, so odds are you won’t have to worry about such an unfortunate circumstance. But just in case, know you’re in good hands.

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