ICO and crowd sale services

It’s essential to bring on the best possible technical expertise. farschain has technical experience with ICOs to ensure that they’re done to the highest possible specifications.

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ICO Development Services

With our expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology we develop & validate the Token Concept plus Technical Implementation of fundraising platform and provide optimized, stable ICO development solutions which are tailor-made to match your requirements. Farscahin specializes in…

  • Smart Business Contracts
  • Customer Loyalty & Rewards Systems
  • Blockchain Data Storage Solutions
  • Distributed Ledgers for Financial Transparency

Project analysis

  • Project research
  • Token solution consulting
  • Recommendations on the choice of jurisdictions
  • Thorough analysis and conclusion regarding the whole project


  • Development of smart contracts
  • Smart contract management system
  • Development of the Book Building platform
  • Implementation of technological solutions for the security of user accounts and wallets
  • Development and adaptation of the website
  • Consultations with IT-specialists about the application of technologies in the ICO

ICO legal support

  • Full legal support and advising for the ICO procedure of the project
  • Road map development
  • Preparation of documents for the implementation of the token, including Token Purchase Agreement, Terms of Use, as well as Privacy Policy and Public offer documents
  • Consultations on legal interaction in media

What we cover in ICO development

ICO from Scratch

Make your project, attractive from the investor's point of view, following the best-practices

Token Development

We carefully design and build optimum models for cryptocurrency tokens and prepare it for the ICO launch, within weeks.

Audit for ICO

The review provides an overview of the scope of the project, the vector of its development, features of the product or service and the team's competence.

Whitepaper Drafting

Detailed and comprehensive whitepaper services to introduce your newly developed cryptocoin to the market.

Roadmap & Strategy

Strategic time-based roadmaps to visualize the trajectory of the product and to help secure stakeholders.

Coin Development

Trusted and proven solution for secure, customized cryptocoin Altcoin development services.

Blockchain For Your Business

Our experienced team is here to help you develop applications built on the blockchain technology to improve the way you do business and integrate blockchain technology into your existing platforms without disrupting your existing operations.

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